BCA’s elementary school uses a variety of American curriculum, both secular and Christian. The following curriculum is taught in English and filtered through the grid of Scripture.

  • Language Arts (MacMillan, McGraw-Hill)
    • Develops reading, writing, spelling, speaking, and listening skills
    • Focuses on fluency, accuracy, and clarity in reading and writing as of primary importance
  • Math (Sequential Timed Math; Scott Foresman)
    • Makes math real for the students by building on what they already know and helping them see its usefulness and importance in their own lives
    • Teaches math skills needed for the computer age including decimals, statistics, estimation, and data organization
  • History (The Story of the World; Peace Hill Press)
    • Exposes students to the history of the world in narrative format
    • Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe are studied from ancient times to the present
  • Full Option Science System (FOSS)  Modular science curriculum designed to promote scientific literacy through an inquiry-based approach to learning.  Students conduct investigations and analyses in order to construct science concepts—they learn science by doing it!
  • Bible
    • Expands students' thinking about the relationship between God, themselves, and the world
    • Focuses on assisting students in making Biblical application to their personal lives