English as a Second Language

BCA-ESL-Images-IMG_0930-2 The program is designed for students who are not native English speakers. In this program, students learn English intensively, specifically applied to academic subjects, so that they can reach a level where they can do well in regular classes.

All English as a Second Language (ESL) students, applying for entrance will be tested for English Proficiency prior to acceptance into BCA.
Admission and final grade placement decisions will be made by the Director, in conjunction with the appropriate teaching staff.

Students will no longer be classified as ESL when they successfully pass and exit test, composed of three parts: reading, writing, and listening/speaking. At that point they will no longer require formal ESL instruction, however, their work may not be error-free. It is expected that this process will generally require no longer than 2 years.
ESL Class
The ESL class meets for four class periods every day but students are encouraged to stay on campus each day, after class is dismissed, and eat lunch with the 7th-12th grade students. Depending on space availability, ESL students can audit in grade appropriate subject classes.

The class is structured around four main areas: reading, grammar, vocabulary, and conversation.BCA-ESL-Images-IMG_1895

Reading: texts include Oxford Bookworms Library collection, from Oxford University Press, 2000, for non-native English speakers for levels 1 to 6.
Grammar: from internet resources, along with English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy from Cambridge University Press, 1998.
Vocabulary: from internet resources, and also Specific Skills Series from McGraw Hill, Columbus Ohio, 1997.
Conversation: Spontaneous conversation happens daily in class. Discussions on various topics are also held. Listening is practiced using recordings with questions following them. Each Friday a Bible study is done together.



For more information on the ESL program download the following document:


ESL Policy HandOut.pdf