Faculty: Elementary & Secondary

BCA Staff

BCA’s staff is made up of qualified, committed men and women whose passion is to educate the children of missionaries and other Christians in the international community of Bucharest. They include teachers, administrators, and support staff who, on the average, have made a 6 year commitment to the school. BCA’s teaching staff has an average of 15 years of experience, with many of them having served in other overseas locations or on short-term international teams before moving to Romania.

The majority of BCA teachers are missionaries sent out by international mission organizations or churches. They raise their own support through family members, friends, churches, and/or personal savings. The following organizations are currently represented by BCA teachers:  ABWE, Assemblies of God, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, International Mission Board, OCI, and ReachGlobal.

  • Ana Vasile Ana Vasile - Kindergarten/Preschool Aid
  • Mike York Mike York - MS Math
  • Rachel Pedigo Rachel Pedigo - HS English / Curriculum Coordinator
  • Alina Pavel Alina Pavel - MS English / Romanian / Study Skills
  • Stephen Ianno Stephen Ianno - Science
  • Mihaela Gingirov Mihaela Gingirov - Social Studies
  • Chrissy Barbusca Chrissy Barbusca - HS English
  • Liesl Wicklund Liesl Wicklund - 3rd grade
  • Cheryl Rognstad Cheryl Rognstad - Elementary Coordinator / NILD
  • Cath O’ Shea Cath O’ Shea - Kindergarten / Preschool
  • Rosemary Openda Rosemary Openda - History and Bible (1st and 2nd grade)
  • Meda Olteanu Meda Olteanu - ESL / Romanian
  • Alina Marineac Alina Marineac - ESL
  • Ana-Maria Inte Ana-Maria Inte - Elementary aid / Art / PE