Mission and Vision


BCA provides a Christ-centered quality education primarily serving missionary and Christian expatriate families.  Additionally, BCA seeks to serve other international students and students from the Romanian community. BCA prepares students spiritually, academically, and socially, through a Biblical worldview, to face the challenges of living in today’s world.


BCA students will be equipped spiritually, academically and socially to influence the world through Biblical thought, character, and action.

Expected Student Outcomes

Spiritual Development

  • BCA students regularly experience God’s love through daily class devotions, weekly chapel services, Bible reading, and interaction with a loving community of believers.
  • BCA students strive to know, love, and serve God and share their understanding of God with others.
  • BCA students will grow in character by demonstrating wise choices in actions, words, and deeds (body, mind, and spirit).
  • BCA students and families are involved in a local Christian community.

College Preparedness 

  • BCA students develop verbal, written and effective technological skills for communication.
  • BCA students think and apply knowledge through skills in critical thinking, research, analysis, investigation, and drawing conclusions.
  • BCA students achieve and display competencies that enable them to pursue academic goals and career choices.

Cultural Impact 

  • BCA students humbly love and share their faith through compassion and service.
  • BCA students possess the cultural awareness and maturity needed to interact effectively with other people and cultures, seeking to influence the culture for Christ through their endeavors.
  • BCA students understand and support the current social, economic, and cultural ideologies of the day in the culture in which they live.