NILD Educational Therapy


BCA has used the National Institute of Learning Development's (NILD) methods for our educational therapy program since 2007.

NILD has built the competence and confidence of those who struggle to learn by training educators, developing minds through learning programs, and implementing researched-based, best-practice interventions to bring lasting change for struggling learners.

NILD exists to enable people to learn and reason effectively. Instead of adapting the learning environment to a student's unique learning struggles, the program seeks to change the way a person thinks so that he or she can succeed in any environment. Rather than accommodating weak cognitive connections, they are strengthened.

NILD's programs consist of diagnostic assessments as well as explicit and intentional instruction to help students overcome their learning difficulties.

Students meet with their NILD instructor 2 to 3 times per week.  We offer NILD services to students outside of BCA when the schedule permits.