Requirements & Policies

Before a student can be admitted to BCA, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Parents must submit a completed application packet for each child, including a transcript from the most recently attended school.
  2. Any student whose first language is not English may be tested for English proficiency upon application
  3. Any student may be tested for proper grade placement

The Director may refuse admission to any student if the student and/or BCA will not benefit from the student’s enrollment at BCA.

The Director shall also consider as important admission factors: a student’s age, previous school experience, physical, cognitive, and/or emotional disabilities, history of misbehavior, unresolved previous school problems, willingness to cooperate with staff, and/or previous unpaid fees. Any flexibility or special consideration of admission standards will be at the discretion of the administration and staff.

Admission of Kindergarten and First Grade Students

Any student enrolling in kindergarten must be 5 years of age by September 15.
Students must be 6 years of age by September 15 to enroll in the first grade.
Attendance in kindergarten before first grade is not required, but is strongly encouraged.
Admission Priority

Students will be admitted in accordance with Board policy with priority given to children from missionary and Christian expatriate families.

ESL Requirements for Admission

Our adopted Policy Manual states that our school seeks to enroll students that will fit within its Mission Statement, Admissions Policy, and Graduation Policies;
BCA’s focus is on the education of missionary and Christian expatriate children, in a traditional Christian school program taught in English;
Students who are admitted must not limit the school’s ability to maintain its founding purpose;
The relevant policies are written as an addendum to this Administrative Policy;
Our goal is to prepare our graduates for admission to colleges and universities in North America and other English speaking countries;
If there is space available in a classroom or grade, ESL students may be admitted on a case by case basis.
When limited or non-English students apply for admission, their language proficiency will be tested using both formal and informal methods.
If student requires ESL support there will be an additional charge;
In most instances, limited or non-English speaking elementary students will be enrolled one to two grade levels below their age so the focus can be on the development of their English skills;
Acceleration in later grades will be considered depending on the student’s language acquisition and academic progress;
Enrollment in our 1/2 day English program may be required for limited English speaking students in grades 7-12;
Any student applying for admission to our 7-12th grade ESL program must be at the “proficient” level in reading and writing according to the 2A Language Assessment Scales (LAS) test.

Non-Discrimination Statement for Admission

BCA will admit any student regardless of their race, color, national, or ethnic origin providing they have met the requirements for admission. Each student will have a right to participate in all of the school’s programs and activities.

Parent Commitment Requirements

Enrollment at Bucharest Christian Academy (BCA) includes a commitment on the part of the parents. It is important that the Christian perspective of the school be understood and supported. Parents must be willing to work within the parameters of the school and its policies. They must:

  1. Agree to the Statement of Faith and the Philosophy of Education;
  2.  Promise not to propagate or promote any religious views in the BCA community which are contrary to the school’s Statement of Faith;
  3. Understand the school’s desire to promote Christianity and Christian ideals in every facet of the school's life;
  4. Understand the school’s desire to encourage students to commit their lives to Jesus Christ;
  5. Be willing to support and encourage their child to mature in his/her Christian walk while they are attending BCA;
  6. Promise to work with their child’s teacher in all areas of instruction to make his/her years at BCA the best possible educational experience.

Student Living Arrangements

No student will be permitted to attend BCA unless he/she lives with his/her parents or an adult with legal guardianship. Regardless of age, students are not permitted to live with teachers or staff members of BCA unless approval is granted by the Director.