The March Read-a-Thon

A few words on our March Read-a-Thon, with details, surprises and pop-corn!

One of the things that I have always seen in our students is a love and excitement for reading and for books. I love that about our students! Not only do they share and talk about the books they are reading, but a reading competition can easily become the ultimate challenge for them. So, as in schools throughout the United States we celebrated the March reading month, we decided to have our very own reading marathon that we called the Read-a-Thon.

All elementary students were encouraged to read as many books as they could every week of the month, and to turn in a slip of paper with the titles of the books read that week.

We also had a small fundraiser through this event by encouraging people to donate a modic amount for every book that one or several students read. Our elementary coordinator donated $1 for each book that was read by any of the elementary students. Parents and relatives were also invited to make a financial pledge for their child or children.

For one day during this month, the students spent the morning in a read-in. They each brought their favorite pillow, blanket, stuffed animal, and book and, for a few hours, they just read together. Their teachers participated in the fun too.

Readathon 9

As we are closing the Read-a-Thon today, the students are thrown a small party where they get to watch a movie and eat pop-corn. Here are the numbers below the line at the end of this marathon:

  • books read - week 1 = 160, week 2 = 147, week 3 = 168, week 4 = 115
  • total number of books read = 590
  • money donated = $600 and 550 lei


WIN_20150401_134809                                      IMG_3430

  •  I can’t really give you a number on how much pop-corn was eaten
  • no one can put a number on the fun had as well as on the learning that happened as they engaged in each of the books they read

IMG_3391                         IMG_3441

We are happy to declare this Read-a-Thon a success!

If you want to see more pictures of the event, check out our Facebook page!